h-u-m-a-n affiliates

How does it work?

When you join the free h-u-m-a-n affiliate team you will get your own unique affiliate link that tracks every referral that you make to the h-u-m-a-n site.  When someone that you referred makes a purchase of a h-u-m-a-n product you are automatically credited with a specified referral fee.  For example, if referrals from you result in purchases of h-u-m-a-n book one ebooks, you will earn a 10% referral fee on each ebook sold.  You use your unique affiliate log in details to track your sales and our payments to you online.

Referral fees of a $100 or more are paid out quarterly to individuals via PayPal or EFT (South Africa).  Referral fees of less than $100 are carried over to the next quarter, and all commissions will be paid out within the financial year.

It takes just a few easy steps to join the team and start sharing in the abundance…

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